Leaderboard | Individuals

Position Challenge Participant Age Gender Evidence Difference Time Medal Logs Country
1 Run London Virtual YOSHIYUKI KAWASAKI 55 male official +00:00:00 02:03:42
Run London Official Time Awarded
1 Japan
2 Run Sydney Virtual Michelle Tozer 24 female official +00:12:33 02:16:15
Run Sydney Official Time Awarded
1 United Kingdom
3 Run Berlin Virtual Nick Bester 34 male official +00:09:13 02:25:28
Run Berlin Official Time Awarded
2 United Kingdom
4 Run Sydney Virtual Richard Gough 36 male unofficial +00:04:21 02:29:49
Run Sydney Unofficial Time Awarded
10 United Kingdom
5 Run Tokyo Virtual Tommy Graham 27 male unofficial +00:00:51 02:30:40
Run Tokyo Unofficial Time Awarded
4 United Kingdom
6 Run Athens Virtual Martial Pottier 34 male official +00:03:02 02:33:42
Run Athens Special Challenge Completed
Special Challenge
25 France
Special Challenge

To complete the special challenge for Run Athens you must complete your marathon time in under 3:18 minutes to beat the 1896 Summer Olympics winner Charilaos Vasilakos (3:18:00) of Greece who was the first man to win a competitive marathon race. Submit your times to your online portal and calculate your marathon time. You will need to run your 1.048 miles in 6.9 minutes or quicker each day to complete this challenge, defeat Charilaos Vasilakos marathon time and be added to our special event leader board for the Run Athens Virtual Marathon Major. Doing this challenge is not not required to obtain your Run Athens Bronze medal. This is for the special team leader boards, which will put you in contention for rewards and prizes from our sponsors and partners.

7 Run Athens Virtual Ryan Greatorex 35 male official +00:01:52 02:35:34
Run Athens Official Time Awarded
25 United Kingdom
8 Run New York Virtual Ina Hentzschel 45 female official +00:05:55 02:41:29
Run New York Official Time Awarded
8 Germany
9 Run Tokyo Virtual Marc Blandin 44 male official +00:02:12 02:43:41
Run Tokyo Official Time Awarded
4 United States
10 Run Sydney Virtual Martial Pottier 34 male official +00:02:09 02:45:50
Run Sydney Special Challenge Awarded
Special Challenge
10 France
Special Challenge

For the Run Sydney special challenge, you are up against Adrienne Beames of Australia. Beames is often accredited as the first female to break the 3 hour marathon time back in 1971. We are looking for you to complete your marathon time in under 3 hours to defeat Adrienne Beames. Submit your 10 times through your running portal, calculate and submit your marathon time. You will need to run each of your 2.62 miles in under 18 minutes each day and you will complete this challenge, defeat Adrienne Beames marathon time and be added above Beames in our leader board for the Sydney Virtual Marathon. This challenge is not required to obtain your Run Sydney Bronze medal but will give the special challenge virtual medal in your runners portal and on the leaderboards.